Online Therapy

We at Piece of Mind Therapies want to make sure that we are sufficiently supporting our clients during this difficult time, so we are providing Online Therapy for our families. 

A Boy and His Tablet Device

What is TeleHealth?


Online Therapy is better known as Telehealth or Teletherapy.

Teletherapy is the use of telecommunication technologies to support therapeutic care to those who need it. Due to the current government guidelines in relation to COVID-19, this has made telehealth the best option for delivering clinical services to service recipients. Online therapy has a strong and growing evidence base for its effectiveness.

Telehealth systems provide a live and interactive videoconferencing connection between the client in need of services and the therapist. With the use of technology, online therapy sessions can be extremely fun and engaging for all ages.

How does Online Therapy/Teletherapy work?


With video conferencing you will need is:

  • A PC


  • A Laptop


  • An iPad


  • A smart phone


(Most of these devices have a camera and a microphone already built in). 


  • Lastly you will need Wi-Fi access


We can provide a number of services in different ways. Here are just a few:


  • We can routinely meet through video conference and discuss speech and language/behaviour concerns that you are seeing at home and provide ways to work on them.


  • We can schedule therapy sessions to take place at home directly with your child with one of our therapists


  • We can schedule therapy sessions to take place at home with us coaching and supporting you to have you run the sessions through video conference.

We are happy to provide you with more information about our Online Therapy service