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Training for Parents and Carers


The Beginners' Workshop provides a practical introduction to the Makaton Language Programme.

Sessions include discussing commonly asked questions, hints and tips for effective signing and symbol use and how to start using Makaton in everyday situations at home or work.

You will also learn the signs and symbols for Stages 1-4 and Additional of the Core Vocabulary


It covers 4 modules over 2 days, for 5 hours per day. Certificates are awarded at the end.


Attendees will receive two workshop manuals, which include the signs and symbols they have learned. Participants will also be given a certificate of attendance.


This provides a practical introductory workshop for parents and carers who need to use Makaton in everyday situations. Signing instruction is given for Core Vocabulary Stages 1-4 and Additional.


Makaton symbols are included and examples of their use are given. Methods for implementing and using Makaton are discussed and developed.




Recommended for:


People who need to use Makaton signing or symbols at home or in their work.


Training Outcomes:


• an ability to sign in everyday situations knowing the Core Vocabulary Stages 1-4

• knowing when to use Makaton symbols


• with an understanding of how to implement Makaton for their own use

Course locations:

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